Monday, April 27, 2009

just some pics from an old Teen Vogue photoshoot.  hope you enjoy them ;)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Miley's Glamour shoot

I came across Miley's shoot when I was recently reading the new issue of Glamour, and loved a lot of the pictures.  My favorite is the one of her in a metallic sequined dress by Versace.

check out this site if you haven't already...the people who post their pictures just amaze me.  i could actually spend hours on there.  One person I'd like to put the spotlight on is DAJANA M., not to be creepy or anything.  her blog is


new header :)

hey guys...i just posted a new header.  i designed it on Polyvore and posted it just now.  tell me what you think!


Ok, so I found the most amazing pair of Converse ever that were by Free People.  They're vintage and have studs on the sides.  I excitedly went to select my size, only to find out they only have 10s and 11s left (I'm a size 7).  Although I was disappointed at this point, I wasn't about to give up, of course.  After a few searches on Google, I was able to find a DIY tutorial to make my own.  I bought a new pair of converse off of Ebay and a couple bags of studs from the website posted on the tutorial.  I'm currently in the process of creating them, but will post the finished product when I'm done.  Here's the link to the tutorial if you want to make your own :) --


let's see how this is going to work out...

My favorite current trend has to be floral prints, but some others that I adore are stars, studs, bleached/acid jeans, & pops of color for accents on accessories.  Rocker chic is one of my new favorite styles.  

hola, bonjour, aloha, hallo, ciao

I've promised myself that I am going to post as often as possible, although with my busy schedule, I'm not quite sure how that's going to work out yet...