Thursday, December 31, 2009

love love love

J. Crew recently came out with a new "sequin scarf cardigan" that I saw just a few days before Christmas, but only admired it opposed to making a purchase because I wanted to wait until after the holidays.  Being one of the store's pricier items, the piece fell at around $138, even during post xmas sales.  However, when I went into a J. Crew to see if they had it a few days ago, there was one left, a pink champagne colored xs (my size).  I bought it immediately after trying it on, although I had originally wanted the black sequin sweater.  I went into another J. Crew the next day to see if they had one I could exchange it for, but it turns out they're sold out completely both in the store and online.  However, I've now decided that I love the "pink champagne" color I originally got, and have already worn it many times.  Although you won't be able to find the cardigan in stores, I've picked a few similar alternatives:

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