Tuesday, January 12, 2010


some of my favorite jewelry pieces

part of the collection

amazing beaded tribal print bangle my friend brought back for me from Africa

some of my favorite earrings
from left: red crescent moon shaped earrings, House of Harlow, gold mirror jewel earrings, from a boutique, silver feather blue beaded earrings, native american stand in Arizona (bought on a road trip), gold and turquoise circular earrings, street vendor in SoHo, NYC.

On the left is my favorite pin from Club Monaco; I love wearing it on all my blazers!  The jeweled hair barrette on the right is from Henri Bendel.

These are basically all my favorite "everyday bracelets".  
from left:  turquoise and silver bracelet, Kitson.  woven multi-color bracelet, made for me by a friend.  brown gold screw bracelet, CC Skye.  Black leather gold chain bracelet, Armani Exchange.  Gold and silver beaded bracelet, Lori's shoe boutique in Chicago.  Silver wrap around bracelet, Club Monaco.  Turquoise power bead bracelet, who knows...I wore it all the time when I was little and re-encountered it a couple months ago.

and now some of my favorite statement necklaces...

chain and jewel necklace from Forever 21.

chain knot necklace from Henri Bendel.  The ends are uneven so it falls really nicely.

gold studded purple silk(like) necklace from Urban Outfitters.

Dream catcher beaded native american necklace from a roadside sale in Arizona.  The colors are amazing!

silver arrow chain necklace that's vintage, given to me by my aunt.  It's supposed to be a belt, but I wear it as a necklace.

I'll hopefully do more posts soon with items from my wardrobe!

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