Tuesday, February 16, 2010



Being the observant one I am, I didn't bring my camera charger (smart one!), so of course my camera died DURING the Monique Lhuillier show.  I did manage to snap some on my phone and my film camera, but I still need to develop those.  Anyway, I'm going to add more pictures from my dad's digital camera that I had borrowed on day 2 (already posted some pictures from that day), so I'll upload those soon hopefully.  The last day of shows-- :( -- I went to the Zero + Maria Cornejo and Monique Lhuillier shows.  Here are some pictures from Maria Cornejo:

The collection included draping fabrics and pieces to layer for the colder months, as well as a mix of cool and autumn colors.  Near the end, she expanded her palette and used a variety of patterns and warm autumn colors for a few more formal looks.  Ms. Cornejo mixed leather, hardware, and knitwear so well, that she convince her audience to believe that many of the mismatched ensembles were indeed wearable.

The collection included both women's and menswear, a change from some of the other shows I'd seen previously that weekend.

I also liked her accessories...she used many hats & caps, as well as really interesting leather shoes.

Although it's hard to tell from the pictures, the gallery where the show was held wrapped around, so the models actually walked in full circle around the walls of the gallery in order to present the pieces to all of the guests in the unusual venue.

I loved this copper draped toga-inspired dress, especially on her!

I loved the accented shoulder on this dress.

Here's a picture from Elle.com of one of the looks:

After a short break in between, we took a quick cab ride off to the Monique Lhuillier show back at the Bryant Park tents.

Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I have right now from the Monique Lhuillier show, but more to come soon if my film turns out!

The show was breath-taking!  Filled with romantic but edgy designs, Ms. Lhuillier says she was inspired by kimono influenced prints, and bold colors.  The collection was filled with all the trends we've seen these past couple months, but taken to the next level.  I'd also like to add how the specificity in each model's look really brought the show together, making the entire presentation's theme come alive.  I encourage everyone to check out the entire collection at Style.com.

Not to worry--more fashion week posts coming soon!

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  1. ahh, so weird. i'm at fashion week, too. i was at maria cornejo's show yesterday sitting front row to the right of the photographers... it wasn't that big of a space, it's a wonder i didn't see you!

    hope the rest of your week is good!


  2. that's so funny! but I came back monday night, so I'm missing some of the best shows. I was right around there too, but I didn't have tickets to that show cause it was last minute...i just had standing room after being backstage.

    hope your last few days are great!