Saturday, February 13, 2010


First of all, I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting lately, but I've been really busy, and I'm in NYC right now for none other than fashion week!  It's been amazing so far, and I'm not even half way through my long weekend.  Yesterday I was at the Bensoni show at their studio, and spotted Olivia Palermo who was sitting a bench away from me.  Here are some photos I snapped at the show:

Fur was really my favorite addition to the show.  Some of the pieces were a bit bland, but once pieces like this showed up (and the basic pants in the look below), I was impressed.

This dress looked stunning on her!

Here are a few outfit pics:

This morning I rushed to the United Bamboo show at a gallery, and went straight backstage.  The models were having their hair twisted tightly around wires, then flat ironed to be set.  Right before they were ready, the stylists took the twists out and their hair was very poofy and frizzy.  As they were already 40 minutes late for the show to start, the managers backstage asked anyone with free hands to help untwist.  There I was, someone who has trouble doing her own hair, getting a model's hair ready for the runway.  Why is this so ironic?  Anyway, it was definitely an experience...and also a photo op.  Here are some of the many pictures I took backstage, and more will come once I develop the ones I took on my film camera for photo class.

stylists beginning to twist her hair

Not only do I love these harem/cargo pants they're steaming, but I'm also in love with this girl's studded Current Elliot jeans!

what the hair is supposed to look like after untwisting it

The designers, Miho Aoki and Thuy Pham.

The designers with makeup artist Dick Page.

Tao seemed to be their muse model for the rest of the show.  She appeared in several other shows I saw lookbooks for, including the Academy of Art show I was at, and is quite popular right now...

I pitied and envied model who's hair I was undoing, both at the same time.  As we were frantically untwisting tightly woven strands of her hair, she kept squeaking "ouch!" and "try to avoid breakage as much as possible please!".  The worst part was probably whatever they had to do afterwards to get their hair back to normal.  Especially if they have another show right afterwards that they'll already be late to because everything is off schedule now!  Oh, the chaos.

We stood by the fourth row of seats after being backstage to get a peek at the show.  It turned out really great! According to, they were inspired by Amelia Earhart's boldness, thus creating a collection filled with bomber jackets and full trousers.

I attended two other shows later today, Andy & Debb, and the Academy of Art show, so I'll be posting pictures from my other camera soon (tomorrow hopefully!).  This evening before dinner, I went to a Haute Look "decades" trunk show and got the most amaaaaaazing pair of vintage Givenchy heels.  I'll definitely do a post about them soon, as I cannot even explain how in love with them I am!

I'll also do another outfit post of what I wore today soon.  Tomorrow, I'll be going shopping most of the day (hopefully hitting up TopShop!) and then go out for dinner.  On Monday I have two more big shows to go to, and I'm so excited to share them with you guys.  Keep an eye out for more fashion week posts!



  1. awesome!
    very lucky too, great photos
    i love tao too :D

    the 6th dress is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.


  2. thanks! and i know, it's so geometric and sleek.